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Behind the Camera

Here is the Bio of the man behind the camera; Brayden Tomicic!


As an ambitious photographer from an early age Brayden found himself combining two passions into one. (Photography, and Cars)

Being self taught there has been thousands of hours up to this point spent refining his craft of photography and marketing. 

Brayden is not only internationally published, but has worked with large brands such as American Racing Wheels, RM Sotheby's, Corbeau, Velgen Wheels, Bring-A-Trailer, and many others.

It is his goal to not only create well thought out captivating images, but connect with people and brands to really understand who he works with and their needs. 

More about Brayden Tomicic

     Brayden Tomicic is more than just a photographer He is a brand strategist, Creative Director, Social Media Guru, and more. With a Background in sales, marketing, and photography, many brands an individuals trust Brayden for their content and marketing needs. 

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     Relationships are a big part of the his brand. Brayden doesn't look at someone as if they are dollar sign, or just another client. He views them as a person and friend first. When he takes on a new client he wants them to feel welcome and looks for the long term relationships that can come from those interactions. There is value in what everyone has to offer and he has used this as one of the cores of his ethics and values both in aspects of his business and personal life.



Photography/Content Creation

Our foundation is content creation. South Valley Photo specializes in product, lifestyle, and automotive photography. From a private shoot for personal use, to working with companies of all sizes and needs.


Brand Strategy Consulting

With over 7 years of sales, marketing, and branding,  you can trust us to help you. The world is constantly evolving and companies need any competitive edge they can get. Let us help you move in the right direction.


Social Media Marketing

Social Media is so time consuming and requires a special touch to really make a brand/company stand out. We have management services to automate and alleviate those struggles for companies of all sizes. 

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