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Transcending the Automotive Experience


        MetaGarage is a Highly Exclusive group of car enthusiasts. We are an NFT based project whose foundation is based upon connecting people with similar interests while providing a series of high value experiences.

        Each member receives a commercial quality shoot of their vehicle(s) that is then converted into a digital piece of artwork (NFT) and put on the block chain! The owner will have not only a digital garage/collection of their cars, but it comes with other perks and unlockables for the collectors. Collectors get access to an exclusive discord, events, rallies, merchandise, and other items!

      We currently have filled Phase 1 of 4 (25 members) and plan on doing a timed release of allocations as we fill the spots! We have had major success thus far and filled the first phase within 8 days of us launching! This is very exciting for us as the Metaverse & NFT's are a new concept for many!

WEBSITE road map-2.jpg

Why MetaGarage?

Why not?! In all seriousness MetaGarage is not for everybody. We are a group of passionate individuals who enjoy cars, new experiences. Together we are shaping the future with an amazing network of individuals. Only 100 spots are available we will continue to fill the project quickly!

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